harewood house wedding

A glorious day for East to join West and South to come to the North on the 13th June at Harewood. danninikul_095Danni and Nikul’s wedding was fabulous.  I did start to worry however when Nik arrived in full Indian groom’s regalia, and asked him if he would be upstaging the bride…  I need not have worried!  Danni looked absolutely stunning, the ‘swishability’ of her dress kept us giggling, and they really did have a fantastic day.

The evening’s entertainment in the courtyard was superb.  I sat in the sun waiting for the guests to finish eating – visitors gone and the whole of Harewood to myself, Red Kites above me, then a jazz band warming up… idyllic.  Thank you to Danni and Nikul so much for involving me in your day, it really was a pleasure.danninikul_076