victoria and david, woodhall hotel

Victoria has moved to Australia to build a life with David, so when she came back to the UK for her wedding it was bound to be an emotional day for all.victoria-and-david_008 

We met a couple of weeks before their wedding, on a glorious August day, at Bolton Abbey to do a pre-wedding shoot.  It was fabulous, such a treat to escape my office and be in such beautiful surroundings with a great couple!  As I am already friends with Victoria’s sister, Mel, who used to be the wedding co-ordinator at Woodhall Hotel, I felt like I already knew the couple really well.  On the day there was so much laughter, but also tears, as Victoria’s family really miss her.  Such a wonderful wedding to be involved in, and I look forward to seeing the couple again on there next trip back to Yorkshire.victoria-and-david_012victoria-and-david_013victoria-and-david_020victoria-and-david_029