holiday property photography, cyprus

When I was over in Cyprus capturing Judy and Rob’s wedding I stayed in the beautiful village of Argaka in the north of the island. I photographed the gorgeous two bedroomed house I stayed in for it’s owner’s website. I can highly recommend this fabulous property, with two pools in the complex, fantastic huge terraces on the roof and leading from the living areas, and two large very well furnished bedrooms with ensuite facilities. It was a home away from home in a very quiet and stunning setting, away from all the hustle and bustle of mass tourism.sonia's apartment-47sonia's apartment-70sonia's apartment-51sonia's apartment-50sonia's apartment-55sonia's apartment-76sonia's apartment-85sonia's apartment-89sonia's apartment-100sonia's apartment-16sonia's apartment-18sonia's apartment-37sonia's apartment-96sonia's apartment-67sonia's apartment-39sonia's apartment-46