judy and rob’s wedding, cyprus

Ok, so choosing just a few photos is not my strong point, let’s just get that out of the way! However… with a setting like this, a bride who looked amazing, has been a friend for many years, and only 16 guests… it was such an intimate¬†celebration that I felt I knew everyone. So what can you do but share the story of their day! Judy and Rob tied the knot at the Athena Beach Hotel, but it was as much Ella’s day as theirs, and her speech had everyone in tears – not that they weren’t already all day! Thank you Judy, Rob and Ella for entrusting the record of your fantastic wedding into my hands, I loved it!judy&rob-29judy&rob-1judy&rob-9judy&rob-45judy&rob-48judy&rob-55judy&rob-57judy&rob-63judy&rob-78judy&rob-79judy&rob-88judy&rob-69judy&rob-103judy&rob-107judy&rob-113judy&rob-129judy&rob-141judy&rob-151judy&rob-154judy&rob-168judy&rob-170judy&rob-189judy&rob-200judy&rob-207judy&rob-210judy&rob-214judy&rob-218judy&rob-220judy&rob-227judy&rob-229judy&rob-232judy&rob-240judy&rob-247judy&rob-251judy&rob-261judy&rob-268judy&rob-271judy&rob-274