bare bobby and happy harry

When Bobby greets me at the door he is normally without the bottom half of his clothing!  He didn’t stay that way for long this time, as we were off by the river in Wetherby for ice cream, Buzz Lightyear and more…  He and Harry are absolute corkers and I feel their personalities really shine through in my images.Haverons-1Haverons-5Haverons-9Haverons-12Haverons-13Haverons-14Haverons-16Haverons-23Haverons-26Haverons-29Haverons-32Haverons-38Haverons-39Haverons-41Haverons-52Haverons-53Haverons-54Haverons-60Haverons-61Haverons-62Haverons-64Haverons-66Haverons-67Haverons-74Haverons-77