bonita rose’s christening

It was a fabulous day for Bonita’s christening a couple of weeks ago, and really lovely to see lots of familar faces again. I photographed Zoe’s grand opening party for her cup cake business, Cupcakerella, and many of the family and friends who were guests then, were also at Bonita’s christening. She is such a gorgeous girl and she was so good all day, and I have to say that Zoe excelled herself with the cakes and sweets again!Bonita Rose-37Bonita Rose-39Bonita Rose-53Bonita Rose-65Bonita Rose-87Bonita Rose-100Bonita Rose-102Bonita Rose-109Bonita Rose-111Bonita Rose-122Bonita Rose-132Bonita Rose-139Bonita Rose-149Bonita Rose-154Bonita Rose-170Bonita Rose-172Bonita Rose-179Bonita Rose-188Bonita Rose-191Bonita Rose-201Bonita Rose-117