do you have bonkers children like this?

If so let me capture how bonkers they are now before they become self-concious (sitting in their bedrooms for hours saying ‘life is so unfair’) and the moment is lost forever.  Who knows when it will happen?  For some self-conciousness hits at three, for some thirteen and for some lucky people they manage to get to thirty years old before it happens.  With Meryl and Bertie I have a sneaky suspicion it may never happen… The last time I was at their house they were building a den out of cushions for a poorly kitten and some ladybirds to live in – they don’t have any ladybirds or kittens!  But I am really pleased we captured their quirkiness now, as you just never know…Walkers-2Walkers-3Walkers-4Walkers-13Walkers-17Walkers-19Walkers-23Walkers-24Walkers-25Walkers-29Walkers-34Walkers-38Walkers-43Walkers-47Walkers-51Walkers-52Walkers-53Walkers-56Walkers-57Walkers-60Walkers-61Walkers-63Walkers-64Walkers-69Walkers-72Walkers-85Walkers-89Walkers-97Walkers-100