the fabulous baker girls

Today was little Kitty’s first day at school… After dropping her off at the start of her new adventure, Chris and Sandra came to view their two beautiful girl’s portrait images. Kitty was excited and absolutely fine, but Sandra was understandably a bit tearful. What I really didn’t expect was to feel tearful too. Sandra explained that at bedtime, after their photoshoot, she asked Kitty what was her favourite part of the day, and she said meeting Karen. Now who wouldn’t fill up at such lovely words from a gorgeous little girl… And they say never work with children and animals… I disagree particularly with two such little stars as Kitty and Polly!Baker family-6Baker family-8Baker family-10Baker family-15Baker family-19Baker family-22Baker family-23Baker family-25Baker family-30Baker family-31Baker family-32Baker family-35Baker family-38Baker family-41Baker family-42Baker family-48Baker family-44Baker family-46Baker family-51Baker family-55Baker family-58Baker family-62Baker family-64Baker family-66Baker family-67Baker family-69Baker family-72Baker family-74Baker family-75Baker family-77Baker family-80