jasmine and ruby

I really enjoyed photographing this beautifully bonkers pair of girls in their garden near Harrogate. Their mum told me that they have become very close this summer, so I hope you enjoy these images capturing their personalities, at this very special stage of their relationship as sisters. I feel that their individual natural beauty and quirkiness shines through in every image!Rasmussen family-79Rasmussen family-82Rasmussen family-84Rasmussen family-85Rasmussen family-86Rasmussen family-74Rasmussen family-62Rasmussen family-61Rasmussen family-51Rasmussen family-53Rasmussen family-54Rasmussen family-33Rasmussen family-36Rasmussen family-37Rasmussen family-13Rasmussen family-6Rasmussen family-2Rasmussen family-3Rasmussen family-66Rasmussen family-17