megan and poppy

Megan and Poppy’s parents came to the studio this week to choose which images they would like framing and to go into an album. They had their choices made in an hour (which is very rare as the process of choosing favourites normally takes a couple of hours.)  But they know their girls and were very sure of how they wanted their personalities capturing.

Once again I’ve struggled to edit, but, I have a proper excuse this time as Lyndsey has been my friend for twenty years, and I’ve known the girls since they were babies!Meg&Poppy-1Meg&Poppy-2Meg&Poppy-3Meg&Poppy-6Meg&Poppy-9Meg&Poppy-10Meg&Poppy-11Meg&Poppy-12Meg&Poppy-14Meg&Poppy-19Meg&Poppy-25Meg&Poppy-32Meg&Poppy-39Meg&Poppy-42Meg&Poppy-43Meg&Poppy-45Meg&Poppy-49Meg&Poppy-50Meg&Poppy-51Meg&Poppy-54Meg&Poppy-66Meg&Poppy-71Meg&Poppy-72Meg&Poppy-75Meg&Poppy-76Meg&Poppy-78Meg&Poppy-82Meg&Poppy-88Meg&Poppy-92Meg&Poppy-93