willow and bella

What a fabulous way to spend a summer’s afternoon… Together with Sheryl, Spencer, Willow and Bella, we went to Harlow Carr Gardens near Harrogate for Betty’s coffee, ice cream and lots and lots of running around.

Willow is a live wire and was running and exploring everywhere. Luckily Spencer is up to the task and kept Willow occupied, whilst Sheryl and I coo’d over baby Bella.

I’m looking forward to photographing the girls again next year, when Bella will be one… to see who does the most running around then!Hudson family 2013-31Hudson family 2013-34Hudson family 2013-35Hudson family 2013-11Hudson family 2013-18Hudson family 2013-19Hudson family 2013-17Hudson family 2013-30Hudson family 2013-42Hudson family 2013-45Hudson family 2013-46Hudson family 2013-53Hudson family 2013-54Hudson family 2013-59Hudson family 2013-69Hudson family 2013-70Hudson family 2013-72Hudson family 2013-76Hudson family 2013-79Hudson family 2013-83