oh i do like to be besides the seaside…

In need of a cheering warm up on a very cold Tuesday, I thought I would share this sunny day I spent with Harry on Tynemouth beach this August.
Harry’s mum Liane understands that to capture your children’s real personalities, they need to be in a place where they feel most relaxed. And if you live near the beach, and spend every day in summer on the beach, what better place to have a relaxed, natural photoshoot than on the beach!

It was fantastic to spend time with Liane, Paul, Harry and his grandma Heather. We had sand in our sandwiches, gulls on the attack, and so, so much fun… I hope this reminder of summer fills you with warmth and cheer; I loved every minute with little Harry, he is a breath of fresh air.harry 2013-56harry 2013-38harry 2013-74harry 2013-7harry 2013-13harry 2013-14harry 2013-15harry 2013-18harry 2013-25harry 2013-26harry 2013-24harry 2013-27harry 2013-43harry 2013-58harry 2013-63harry 2013-65harry 2013-66harry 2013-70harry 2013-71harry 2013-72harry 2013-73