the berrie family

After seeing some of my natural family images at Ashville College Juli had the great idea of having a photoshoot with Carol, her husband Andrew, and their two grown up boys and partners. We went to Spofforth Castle with their new member of the family (their lovely black lab) and had a really civilised afternoon, climbing the ruins and playing with the dog. It is always lovely to photograph older families were the children are now adults, and it just goes to prove that your children are never too old to be captured in a relaxed, natural family portrait!Berrie Family 2013-16Berrie Family 2013-12Berrie Family 2013-34Berrie Family 2013-10Berrie Family 2013-54Berrie Family 2013-33Berrie Family 2013-62Berrie Family 2013-24Berrie Family 2013-52Berrie Family 2013-44Berrie Family 2013-46Berrie Family 2013-11Berrie Family 2013-48Berrie Family 2013-8Berrie Family 2013-68Berrie Family 2013-55Berrie Family 2013-28Berrie Family 2013-32Berrie Family 2013-65Berrie Family 2013-42Berrie Family 2013-69