the garcia boys

It all started out so normally… Three great boys, their parents and grandparents who were visiting from the states. We went to Spofforth Castle with the newest member of their family, Jaida, the beautiful chocolate lab.

PJ and Nick posed for their portraits like good lads whilst Gabe played around like the youngest often does. But then it all went horribly wrong… with the Halloween faces coming out well before Halloween (and it wasn’t’ just from the boys!)  I enjoyed every minute of the Garcia family bonkersness.garcia family 2013-14garcia family 2013-16garcia family 2013-36garcia family 2013-44garcia family 2013-37garcia family 2013-31garcia family 2013-34garcia family 2013-30garcia family 2013-24garcia family 2013-17garcia family 2013-19garcia family 2013-21garcia family 2013-23garcia family 2013-39garcia family 2013-40garcia family 2013-42garcia family 2013-52garcia family 2013-62garcia family 2013-65garcia family 2013-67garcia family 2013-71garcia family 2013-72garcia family 2013-75garcia family 2013-32garcia family 2013-45