braguinha artist and craftsman in funchal

When I was wandering around the streets of Funchal with my new camera I stumbled across Carlos at work very near to my hotel. I went back again in daylight and captured him making a Braguinha (the father of the ukulele.) It is amazing to see a master craftsman at work and I felt really privileged that he was so welcoming; allowing us all to have an insight into the work that goes into crafting a musical instrument.funchal 2014-78funchal 2014-79funchal 2014-80funchal 2014-82funchal 2014-84funchal 2014-88funchal 2014-89funchal 2014-90funchal 2014-91funchal 2014-93funchal 2014-95funchal 2014-97funchal 2014-101funchal 2014-104funchal 2014-107funchal 2014-112funchal 2014-110