eggs benedict for the pig and pastry cookbook

Well it had to come… I’ve been raving about my favourite dish at The Pig and Pasty for years (and posting photos on my Facebook page that got everyone salivating!)

The question Steve gets asked all the time is ‘how do you poach an egg like that?’ Well the secret is in the freshness of the eggs and the bubbling of the water…P&P 2nd shoot 2014-180P&P 2nd shoot 2014-112P&P 2nd shoot 2014-123P&P 2nd shoot 2014-128P&P 2nd shoot 2014-143P&P 2nd shoot 2014-145P&P 2nd shoot 2014-116P&P 2nd shoot 2014-149P&P 2nd shoot 2014-155P&P 2nd shoot 2014-158P&P 2nd shoot 2014-169P&P 2nd shoot 2014-118P&P 2nd shoot 2014-172P&P 2nd shoot 2014-185