funchal and colour

A couple of weeks ago I was in an enviable position for a photographer. On holiday, fantastic light, colours, new and fascinating sights to see and capture… and I had a new camera to get to grips with and put through it’s paces.

Thank you very much to Nathan for pulling out all the stops at Fuji and lending me a lens to take on my trip. Thank you to Steve for letting me have a play with his camera at home. And a big thank you to Malcolm Mathieson who started my interest in the Fuji range of cameras, and was also the first documentary wedding photographer I heard speak 12 years ago. He inspired me to shoot a style of photography that is true myself and to have the confidence to say ‘this is what I do, and where my heart and my strengths lie.’funchal 2014-73funchal 2014-25funchal 2014-22funchal 2014-38funchal 2014-40funchal 2014-41funchal 2014-42funchal 2014-43funchal 2014-45funchal 2014-49funchal 2014-50funchal 2014-68funchal 2014-70funchal 2014-75funchal 2014-77funchal 2014-116funchal 2014-119funchal 2014-163funchal 2014-128funchal 2014-130funchal 2014-182funchal 2014-136funchal 2014-143funchal 2014-149funchal 2014-140funchal 2014-151funchal 2014-188funchal 2014-193funchal 2014-220