funchal, black and white

It is amazing how different a place and detail looks in black and white, it really focuses your eye on the content of an image. A couple of images from my colour posting made it into this post too (as they look so different in black and white.) The other images I instantly ‘saw’ in black and white, as they give such a timeless feel and are much more impactful without colour to distract the eye. I hope you enjoy them.funchal 2014-47funchal 2014-45funchal 2014-62funchal 2014-43funchal 2014-48funchal 2014-74funchal 2014-60funchal 2014-75funchal 2014-58funchal 2014-56funchal 2014-65funchal 2014-125funchal 2014-70funchal 2014-123funchal 2014-117funchal 2014-124funchal 2014-145funchal 2014-137funchal 2014-126funchal 2014-131funchal 2014-164funchal 2014-165funchal 2014-203funchal 2014-144funchal 2014-207funchal 2014-181funchal 2014-190funchal 2014-197funchal 2014-214funchal 2014-148funchal 2014-219