adakoy turkey

A little reminder of my wonderful holiday last week with Neilson Holidays, on the stunningly beautiful island of Adakoy. My Fuji rangefinder got another outing as I love how portable it is (it’s so easy to put in my normal rucksack) and the quality of the images are fantastic.adakoy may 2014-57adakoy may 2014-5adakoy may 2014-10adakoy may 2014-37adakoy may 2014-38adakoy may 2014-41adakoy may 2014-43adakoy may 2014-45adakoy may 2014-47adakoy may 2014-49adakoy may 2014-50adakoy may 2014-54adakoy may 2014-51adakoy may 2014-64adakoy may 2014-61