bank holiday walk, swinsty and fewston

What a glorious day Easter Monday was. After capturing the Maypole in my village being taken down, I went up to Washburn Heritage Centre for a coffee and then walked around the reservoirs.

With my new Fuji rangefinder and one prime lens, Spring on show everywhere and lots of people and wildlife out and about, it was a joy to capture for a documentary photographer.easter monday 2014-128easter monday 2014-60easter monday 2014-75easter monday 2014-70easter monday 2014-76easter monday 2014-82easter monday 2014-84easter monday 2014-88easter monday 2014-66easter monday 2014-89easter monday 2014-92easter monday 2014-95easter monday 2014-99easter monday 2014-102easter monday 2014-104easter monday 2014-105easter monday 2014-109easter monday 2014-111easter monday 2014-112easter monday 2014-116easter monday 2014-117easter monday 2014-118easter monday 2014-120easter monday 2014-126easter monday 2014-127easter monday 2014-125