easter monday in barwick in elmet

For any of my clients who have been to my studio for a portrait or wedding meeting, you will remember the tallest Maypole in Britain I am sure. Well every three years the Barwick villagers take it down, it is repainted, and then we have a huge celebration on May Day when it is raised again.

This year I happened to be around with my Fuji rangefinder on Easter Monday, and captured the workers grafting at the very start of the long process that is needed to help us celebrate May Day in 2014.easter monday 2014-1easter monday 2014-2easter monday 2014-6easter monday 2014-7easter monday 2014-12easter monday 2014-16easter monday 2014-19easter monday 2014-22easter monday 2014-26easter monday 2014-28easter monday 2014-33easter monday 2014-36easter monday 2014-41easter monday 2014-44easter monday 2014-45easter monday 2014-49easter monday 2014-51easter monday 2014-57easter monday 2014-53easter monday 2014-54easter monday 2014-56