mia and sophie

Mia was a little star and created the funkiest camera that won the ARTventurers competition recently. So we went with her mum, dad and sister, to a gorgeous park near their house to capture the family relaxed and happily playing.

Mia has tonnes of beans and kept me on my toes all the time, and little Sophie was just gorgeous. For the youngest member of the Lanzillotti family, our photoshoot ended as it often ends with little ones… she fell asleep.lanzillotti family 2014-16lanzillotti family 2014-17lanzillotti family 2014-19lanzillotti family 2014-25lanzillotti family 2014-27lanzillotti family 2014-34lanzillotti family 2014-28lanzillotti family 2014-30lanzillotti family 2014-32lanzillotti family 2014-36lanzillotti family 2014-39lanzillotti family 2014-41lanzillotti family 2014-47lanzillotti family 2014-50lanzillotti family 2014-51lanzillotti family 2014-53lanzillotti family 2014-56lanzillotti family 2014-58lanzillotti family 2014-65lanzillotti family 2014-69lanzillotti family 2014-67lanzillotti family 2014-74lanzillotti family 2014-72lanzillotti family 2014-71lanzillotti family 2014-75