maypole day 2014

This May Bank Holiday we had a wonderful festival in Barwick in Elmet, when our newly painted maypole was put back in it’s rightful place, in the heart of our village.

We had some fantastic eccentric entertainment this year (as befits Barking Barwick) with Four Hundred Roses. They are a troupe of dancers fusing Arabic, Gypsy and Indian belly dancing with Morris Dancing. They proved very popular with our vibrant community in the village.

My friend Lynne came down from Hebden Bridge to join the festivities, bringing some of her amazing Medici Macarons, which everyone really enjoyed.

Any clients who have visited my studio will have seen the tallest maypole in Britain in front of my house, but, you may not know that behind the studio are the remains of what was once a Norman Fort. This area was full of stalls, a funfair, a mini maypole and people… So I couldn’t resist taking my fuji rangefinder to the festivities to capture what an absolutely corking day it was.

Thank you to all who made our day in the village so much fun, and it was really lovely to bump into so many of my clients with their children on such a fabulous day!maypole day 2014-10maypole day 2014-23maypole day 2014-28maypole day 2014-42maypole day 2014-39maypole day 2014-31maypole day 2014-33maypole day 2014-50maypole day 2014-36maypole day 2014-37maypole day 2014-38maypole day 2014-27maypole day 2014-43maypole day 2014-44maypole day 2014-45maypole day 2014-52maypole day 2014-54maypole day 2014-48maypole day 2014-49maypole day 2014-56maypole day 2014-61maypole day 2014-62maypole day 2014-63maypole day 2014-64maypole day 2014-65maypole day 2014-66maypole day 2014-67maypole day 2014-69maypole day 2014-70maypole day 2014-72maypole day 2014-74maypole day 2014-75maypole day 2014-77maypole day 2014-82maypole day 2014-76maypole day 2014-86