the holding family

Many of you will have seen photographs of Steve and Julia on Facebook, from when I have been photographing them at work in The Pig and Pastry, for our forthcoming cookbook. A few weeks ago I went over for a fantastic Sunday lunch at their house and to capture their family for them.

It was really lovely to spend time away from work with the whole family, getting to know their three children more, having a glass of wine (or two) and eating Julia’s superb chicken pie.

Steve and Julia came for their portrait viewing last week, and it was so lovely to see their expressions when they first saw these images.

I’m really looking forward to getting their choices beautifully framed and delivering them to The Holding household in a few weeks time. It will be lovely to see the children again, and also Giles, the ex guide dog for the blind. I just hope he hasn’t been stealing the kid’s chocolate this time… mind you his guilty dog expression was a classic!holding family 2014-10holding family 2014-82holding family 2014-68holding family 2014-45holding family 2014-29holding family 2014-37holding family 2014-39holding family 2014-42holding family 2014-31holding family 2014-56holding family 2014-77holding family 2014-60holding family 2014-84holding family 2014-55holding family 2014-43holding family 2014-30holding family 2014-38holding family 2014-53holding family 2014-61holding family 2014-58holding family 2014-65holding family 2014-69holding family 2014-74holding family 2014-76holding family 2014-79holding family 2014-11holding family 2014-12holding family 2014-13holding family 2014-86holding family 2014-22holding family 2014-35