annecy and les houches

Whilst I was staying with my cousin in Chamonix we had a little mini-break to her and husband’s apartment, in the centre of the old town, in Annecy for one night. This is a beautiful French town on a lake, and I really enjoyed the contrast with the mountains.

Then for the last two days of my holiday I walked to another mountain town, Les Houches, where I had the best Caesar salad I have ever tasted!chamonix 2014-61chamonix 2014-64chamonix 2014-65chamonix 2014-72chamonix 2014-66chamonix 2014-67chamonix 2014-75chamonix 2014-79chamonix 2014-80chamonix 2014-81chamonix 2014-84chamonix 2014-89chamonix 2014-90chamonix 2014-93chamonix 2014-199chamonix 2014-200chamonix 2014-201chamonix 2014-202chamonix 2014-205chamonix 2014-206