katie and john

I photographed Katie a few years ago when she was a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding in my village. So I was really thrilled to be asked to capture her again, together with John and their families, at their wedding a few weeks ago in Harome.

It started off very wet, but that didn’t dampen any spirits at their wonderful celebration. However we had the huge bonus of the sun coming out during the meal, it pouring into the teepee, the guests going out to mingle in between courses, and time for me to capture Katie and John in the stunning evening light and countryside.katie & john 2014-16katie & john 2014-48katie & john 2014-68katie & john 2014-69katie & john 2014-72katie & john 2014-77katie & john 2014-80katie & john 2014-82katie & john 2014-84katie & john 2014-95katie & john 2014-104katie & john 2014-110katie & john 2014-114katie & john 2014-115katie & john 2014-121katie & john 2014-122katie & john 2014-126katie & john 2014-128katie & john 2014-133katie & john 2014-135katie & john 2014-137katie & john 2014-143katie & john 2014-145katie & john 2014-151katie & john 2014-170katie & john 2014-194katie & john 2014-211katie & john 2014-229katie & john 2014-253katie & john 2014-250katie & john 2014-290katie & john 2014-295katie & john 2014-297katie & john 2014-317katie & john 2014-318katie & john 2014-323katie & john 2014-327katie & john 2014-332katie & john 2014-333katie & john 2014-257katie & john 2014-334katie & john 2014-346katie & john 2014-344katie & john 2014-345katie & john 2014-390