intechnology commercial images

I was commissioned by the designer at Intechnology recently to provide professional portraits of their staff; as well as relaxed, informal images of them working, and general building photographs for their new website.

To promote a business as professional and approachable, it always lifts the company’s profile to have superb professional images taken.

The same can also be said for individuals with their professional social media face. To often on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter we see an old holiday snap being used to represent a professional business person. I am finding more and more that I am being commissioned to capture individuals to strengthen their online image. By using a relaxed professional portrait/headshot it raises that person’s presence in a crowded online business world.intechnology 2014-1intechnology 2014-48intechnology 2014-167intechnology 2014-39intechnology 2014-21intechnology 2014-192intechnology 2014-29intechnology 2014-176intechnology 2014-12intechnology 2014-151intechnology 2014-27intechnology 2014-188intechnology 2014-64intechnology 2014-108intechnology 2014-114intechnology 2014-181intechnology 2014-84intechnology 2014-120intechnology 2014-196intechnology 2014-147intechnology 2014-153intechnology 2014-163intechnology 2014-184