photo-etching course

I love printing my images as bright, graphic silkscreen prints, and exploring other ways of turning my work into limited edition works of art. So I attended a photo-etching workshop at the WYPW where I am a member, and I make all my silkscreen prints for individual client commissions.

The photo-etching process is very involved and lengthy, but, I love the results and feel it is well worth the effort.

It involves printing your image onto an acetate, then exposing it to a metal plate, developing the plate, inking it, and then putting the plate and paper through a roller press.

I also made some images using solar plates which I developed on a windowsill in the sun. There was a lot of cleaning of plates, inking and general messiness to get the really lovely feel that etching gives.

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of the etching 2014-2photo etching 2014-1photo etching 2014-6photo etching 2014-4photo etching 2014-8photo etching 2014-10photo etching 2014-13photo etching 2014-17photo etching 2014-27photo etching 2014-28photo etching 2014-24photo etching 2014-25photo etching 2014-23photo etching 2014-26