robin hood’s bay

I walked along the cliffs to Ravenscar from Robin Hood’s Bay last Sunday, with my trusty Fuji rangefinder in my rucksack. On the way back the tide had gone out, so I had a glorious walk along the beach.

There was an amazing moon, and after a lovely sunny day, it suddenly felt like autumn. It may have been the colours and the chill in the air, but what a difference a week makes…robin hood's bay 2014-8robin hood's bay 2014-9robin hood's bay 2014-10robin hood's bay 2014-11robin hood's bay 2014-12robin hood's bay 2014-16robin hood's bay 2014-29robin hood's bay 2014-20robin hood's bay 2014-32robin hood's bay 2014-25robin hood's bay 2014-30robin hood's bay 2014-17