kaliméra meganisi

Meganisi is a small Greek island with only three villages, so everywhere you go in the morning you are greeted with a very friendly Kaliméra (or good morning in English.)

Here is what mornings were like for me, as I wandered around the island a couple of weeks ago.

Afternoons and evenings to follow shortly…meganissi 2014-92meganissi 2014-76meganissi 2014-80meganissi 2014-26meganissi 2014-28meganissi 2014-29meganissi 2014-33meganissi 2014-103meganissi 2014-87meganissi 2014-90meganissi 2014-96meganissi 2014-98meganissi 2014-104meganissi 2014-107meganissi 2014-105meganissi 2014-117meganissi 2014-115meganissi 2014-108meganissi 2014-119meganissi 2014-127meganissi 2014-129meganissi 2014-130meganissi 2014-123meganissi 2014-133meganissi 2014-140meganissi 2014-138meganissi 2014-143meganissi 2014-149meganissi 2014-155meganissi 2014-147meganissi 2014-156meganissi 2014-159meganissi 2014-366