kalispéra meganisi

Kalispéra is Greek for Good Evening… And here is what Vathi (and the people who made my visit extra special) looked like in the late afternoons, evenings and falling into dusk… Oh, and not forgetting the best meal I have had in Greece (sea bass with fennel, potatoes and baby tomatoes, marinated in lemon and ouzo and baked in paper in the oven, fantastic!)meganissi 2014-51meganissi 2014-57meganissi 2014-69meganissi 2014-60meganissi 2014-61meganissi 2014-227meganissi 2014-169meganissi 2014-176meganissi 2014-229meganissi 2014-344meganissi 2014-251meganissi 2014-341meganissi 2014-338meganissi 2014-245meganissi 2014-243meganissi 2014-305meganissi 2014-308meganissi 2014-351meganissi 2014-354meganissi 2014-357meganissi 2014-233meganissi 2014-365meganissi 2014-363