the cats of meganisi

Here are just a few of the many cats on Meganisi. Some of them lived at my favourite taverna Errikos, in Vathi, and were spoilt by the owners, staff, tourists and the local fishermen!meganissi 2014-39meganissi 2014-106meganissi 2014-60meganissi 2014-61meganissi 2014-311meganissi 2014-88meganissi 2014-91meganissi 2014-62meganissi 2014-64meganissi 2014-330meganissi 2014-274meganissi 2014-124meganissi 2014-334meganissi 2014-329meganissi 2014-309meganissi 2014-181meganissi 2014-122meganissi 2014-322meganissi 2014-284meganissi 2014-212meganissi 2014-275meganissi 2014-173meganissi 2014-328meganissi 2014-121meganissi 2014-310meganissi 2014-320meganissi 2014-323meganissi 2014-327meganissi 2014-332meganissi 2014-306