bonita at chatsworth house

Take one beautiful, very curly haired little girl… add an autumn day with lots of fabulous leaves, her fantastic parents, and this is what you get!bonita chatsworth 2014-19bonita chatsworth 2014-8bonita chatsworth 2014-27bonita chatsworth 2014-15bonita chatsworth 2014-22bonita chatsworth 2014-25bonita chatsworth 2014-26bonita chatsworth 2014-20bonita chatsworth 2014-24bonita chatsworth 2014-30bonita chatsworth 2014-3bonita chatsworth 2014-23bonita chatsworth 2014-28bonita chatsworth 2014-33bonita chatsworth 2014-36bonita chatsworth 2014-41bonita chatsworth 2014-42bonita chatsworth 2014-44bonita chatsworth 2014-46bonita chatsworth 2014-48bonita chatsworth 2014-52bonita chatsworth 2014-53bonita chatsworth 2014-64bonita chatsworth 2014-70bonita chatsworth 2014-75bonita chatsworth 2014-80bonita chatsworth 2014-82bonita chatsworth 2014-66