freja and the autumn sunshine…

The light is so gorgeous at this time of year, and we were really lucky with the weather when I captured Kristian, Siobhan and Freja at Museum Gardens in York a couple of weeks ago.

Kristian and Siobhan came to my studio last week to choose their images for framing, to make sure that they will be ready for Christmas and Christmas presents.

I hope you enjoy their beautiful images, they were such a lovely family to capture together.freja 2014-3freja 2014-4freja 2014-12freja 2014-26freja 2014-28freja 2014-29freja 2014-49Bfreja 2014-34freja 2014-21freja 2014-24freja 2014-50freja 2014-47freja 2014-46freja 2014-44freja 2014-37freja 2014-58freja 2014-60