pig and pastry cookbook

I had a meeting (over food of course) with Steve, the owner and chef at the Pig and Pastry, and Alex our amazing designer last week. The good news is that the book is progressing really well and looks stunning… the bad news is that it won’t be ready for Christmas.

But, the best things come to he who waits…P&P 7th 2014-14P&P 7th 2014-17P&P 7th 2014-38P&P 7th 2014-48P&P 7th 2014-55P&P 7th 2014-7P&P 7th 2014-2P&P 7th 2014-18P&P 7th 2014-9P&P 7th 2014-33P&P 7th 2014-65P&P 7th 2014-36