charlie and austin

Just before Christmas I captured these two gorgeous lads at their home in Chapel Allerton. At the time their mum Rachael mentioned that when they had a portrait shoot before and one of the boys really didn’t enjoy it.

To capture superb, natural images of children (really capturing their personalities) you need to make the whole experience fun, quick and preferably in a familiar environment, so that they are comfortable and can be themselves.

With this in mind I was thrilled when I received this email from Rachael after our photoshoot.

‘The boys loved it, they keep saying ‘we love Karen, when’s Karen coming back.’ I think you’re a hit with them! It was lovely for us to see them so happy having their photos taken too. Thanks again, it’s been a brilliant experience all round.’

Here are the results, and I think you will agree they are both fantastic little characters.harrison family 2015-4harrison family 2015-10harrison family 2015-16harrison family 2015-13harrison family 2015-17harrison family 2015-19harrison family 2015-24harrison family 2015-25harrison family 2015-29harrison family 2015-33harrison family 2015-37harrison family 2015-38harrison family 2015-39harrison family 2015-40harrison family 2015-44harrison family 2015-47harrison family 2015-48harrison family 2015-49harrison family 2015-52