green shoots coaching

It is properly back to work properly for most of us now, and if you are anything like me you will be reflecting on what you achieved last year and planning ahead for 2015.

A fantastic way to move your business forwards is to have superb professional images taken, to promote the products or services that you provide on your website, social media and in printed brochures.

I was commissioned by Michaela to capture the essence of her coaching business recently. She specialises in business, relationship and divorce, career and life coaching.  You can see my images in action on her website and learn more about her coaching services here

To find out how fantastic profession images can move your business forward in 2015 please do get in touch.michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-13michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-8michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-58michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-19michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-53michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-79michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-94michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-7michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-21michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-36michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-65michaela green shoots 2014-33