happy new year

A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who commissioned me to capture what they hold most dear this year.

2014 was a wonderful year for me, meeting and photographing so many gorgeous children and lovely families. Here are some of my favourite natural family portrait images from the year.

I am really looking forward to spending time with you again soon, and to capturing many more amazing children and their families in 2015.bella & chloe 2014-81the tilbrook family 2014-36aden 2014-9the irons family 2014-8the andersons 2014-38lanzillotti family 2014-41adamson family 2014-94anne johnson birthday 2014-77anne johnson birthday 2014-95kate and sisters 2014-7evie, isabelle & sophie 2014-32the tilbrook family 2014-42the tilbrook family 2014-15eve, esther & hannah 2014-33the irons family 2014-48the irons family 2014-33the andersons 2014-35macy & joshua 2014-21martha and heidi 2014-76martha and heidi 2014-18judy family 2014-26judy family 2014-8kate and sisters 2014-11flear family 2014-7flear family 2014-41freja 2014-28holding family 2014-42macy & joshua 2014-37isaac 2014-18jasmine & georgina madeley 2014-6bonita chatsworth 2014-30the tilbrook family 2014-1the procter family 2014-75the tilbrook family 2014-32anne johnson birthday 2014-107anne johnson birthday 2014-112bella & chloe 2014-13bella & chloe 2014-38beverly 2014-36bonita 1st portrait 2014-71callum & isla 2014-62callum & isla 2014-67chamonix 2014-190chamonix 2014-228chamonix 2014-234corben and tamsin 2014-8emma hacking family 2014-19corben and tamsin 2014-16corben and tamsin 2014-51darcey thompson 2014-47darcey thompson 2014-42Edith 2014-19edward greatorex 2014-62eve, esther & hannah 2014-61eve, esther & hannah 2014-63evie, isabelle & sophie 2014-45evie, isabelle & sophie 2014-51jasmine & georgina madeley 2014-50kate and sisters 2014-48mia & milo 2014-65oscar 2014-30shamed clients bobby & harry 2013-11oliver & harriet brown 2014-46oscar 2014-48the procter family 2014-45the andersons 2014-51anne johnson birthday 2014-150bella & chloe 2014-64bonita london 2014-29martha and heidi 2014-5