Meet Emily with her spiky hair, amazing expressions and the biggest eyes you have ever seen.

Emily’s mum Lucie won the Flutterbabies Baby Yoga Competition at the end of last year, and my how she has changed since then.

I really enjoyed helping Lucie choose which images she is having framed last week, and I can’t wait to deliver them and see little Emily again.lucie & emily 2015-6lucie & emily 2015-4lucie & emily 2015-7lucie & emily 2015-10lucie & emily 2015-15lucie & emily 2015-20lucie & emily 2015-37lucie & emily 2015-22lucie & emily 2015-41lucie & emily 2015-43lucie & emily 2015-46lucie & emily 2015-47lucie & emily 2015-48lucie & emily 2015-49lucie & emily 2015-52