the pig and pastry cookbook, more deliciousness

These should warm the cockles of your heart… WARNING these dishes contain lots, and lots of calories!P&P 8th 2015-1P&P 8th 2015-8P&P 8th 2015-10P&P 8th 2015-49P&P 8th 2015-27P&P 8th 2015-37P&P 8th 2015-47P&P 8th 2015-60P&P 8th 2015-28P&P 8th 2015-74P&P 8th 2015-87P&P 8th 2015-76P&P 8th 2015-102P&P 8th 2015-55P&P 8th 2015-61P&P 8th 2015-81P&P 8th 2015-85P&P 8th 2015-90P&P 8th 2015-99P&P 8th 2015-110P&P 8th 2015-72P&P 8th 2015-78P&P 8th 2015-84P&P 8th 2015-95P&P 8th 2015-97P&P 8th 2015-107P&P 8th 2015-112