candlelighters, the square

I was privileged to capture some of the parents, whose lives have been touched by their child’s diagnosis of cancer, at The Square recently.

Candlelighters is a charity based at Leeds General Infirmary. It is run by parents who understand what it is like to go through this life changing, traumatic experience, as they have been through it too. They provide family support, fund research, staff and equipment; and now they have a wonderful new resource, The Square.

The Square is a beautiful, tranquil environment away from the bustle of the hospital. Where anyone who has been affected by childhood cancer, can spend some time in the company of the wonderful, caring staff.

Sometimes when your life is in turmoil you just need time to talk and be listened to. With the added comforts of lovely coffee and cake, a well-being treatment (such as reflexology or massage) and a place for children to play, it is a haven for those who most need support.

You can find out more about The Square and how to donate to support Candlelighters here the square 2015-3candlelighters the square 2015-6candlelighters the square 2015-10candlelighters the square 2015-52candlelighters the square 2015-14candlelighters the square 2015-51candlelighters the square 2015-29candlelighters the square 2015-95candlelighters the square 2015-20candlelighters the square 2015-76candlelighters the square 2015-70candlelighters the square 2015-57candlelighters the square 2015-65candlelighters the square 2015-21candlelighters the square 2015-8candlelighters the square 2015-16candlelighters the square 2015-26candlelighters the square 2015-61candlelighters the square 2015-77candlelighters the square 2015-91candlelighters the square 2015-90candlelighters the square 2015-62candlelighters the square 2015-94candlelighters the square 2015-64