mitchell & urwin, building

Earlier this week I posted images of the amazing team at work in The Brickyard, making and preparing the bricks and stonework to go into houses all over Yorkshire.

Here is the second stage of the process, with the bricklayers crafting those bricks and stones into stunning homes.

I have been busy on sites all over our region over the past few weeks, capturing Mitchell & Urwin’s team at work, and some of the different projects they have built. I will post some of the buildings next, so keep an eye out for the finished results, in the story of this fascinating brickwork specialist company.mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-252mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-254mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-270mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-250mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-274mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-269mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-285mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-290mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-291mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-292mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-293mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-295mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-296mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-33mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-71mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-64mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-76mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-77mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-80mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-92mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-90mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-86mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-184mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-191mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-188mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-194mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-189