mitchell & urwin, the brickyard

Mitchell & Urwin are a York based brickwork specialist company, who provide brickwork to some of the major house builders in our region. And I am really pleased to have been commissioned to photograph this fantastic business for their new website.

To capture the story of their craftsmanship, and what makes them stand out in their field, we started with their team at work in The Brickyard. This industrial environment created an amazing backdrop, to the men and women, who are such an important part of the Mitchell & Urwin team.

The next stage of the brickwork process with be the bricks being turned into houses, by the team of Mitchell & Urwin bricklayers, which I will be posting in the next couple of days.mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-29mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-31mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-43mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-47mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-36mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-50mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-53mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-80mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-61mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-98mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-91mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-81mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-124mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-129mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-140mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-141mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-177mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-179mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-187mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-169mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-188mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-190mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-192mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-210mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-196mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-213mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-222mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-217mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-235mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-246mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-110