flohr & co more loveliness

I was commissioned to photograph Flohr & Co’s products again recently, and also to capture a nursery full of Caroline’s stunning fabrics and beautiful things for babies.

It was lovely to have such a gorgeous, happy baby involved in one of our photoshoots, and I think that Hugo ‘models’ his Flohr & Co bedecked nursery like a professional!flohr & co 2nd 2015-124flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-26flohr & co 2nd 2015-137flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-5flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-10flohr & co 2nd 2015-16flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-20flohr & co 2nd 2015-104flohr & co 2nd 2015-127flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-43flohr & co 2nd 2015-32flohr & co 2nd 2015-48flohr & co 2nd 2015-89flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-32flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-47flohr & co 2nd 2015-43flohr & co 2nd 2015-14flohr & co 2nd 2015-64flohr & co 2nd 2015-17flohr & co 2nd 2015-3flohr & co 2nd 2015-35flohr & co 2nd 2015-56flohr & co 2nd 2015-59flohr & co 3rd shoot 2015-6