commercial photography 2015

Last year was my busiest year for commercial and product photography to date, and the huge variety of businesses which I was lucky enough to capture made my job really exciting.

Choosing my ‘best of’ photographs to post has been incredibly difficult as I really enjoyed all of my commercial shoots in 2015. In particular I found it fascinating to learn about so many different businesses, and I feel very proud of the images which have since been used to promote them.

Using a natural light, documentary approach to all of my commissions provides my clients with stunningly unique images. Helping them to promote their businesses (which they feel so passionately about) and enabling them to stand out from their competitors.

If you would like to discuss your commercial and product photography for 2016 please feel free to get in touch to arrange an informal meeting.mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-43st denys hotel july 2015-26bow house 2015-129catherine & clare 1st shoot 2015-143mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-61small change diaries 3rd 2015-112catherine & clare 1st shoot 2015-153pamela thorby 2014-31RED south african fruit 2015-76storrs hall march 2015-3candlelighters the square 2015-65flohr & co 2nd 2015-48small change diaries 1st 2015-70flohr & co august 2015-89bow house 2015-49small change diaries 3rd 2015-71fluidyoga 2015-148flohr & co august 2015-125bow house 2015-54catherine & clare 1st shoot 2015-286flohr & co august 2015-14bow house 2015-37bow house 2015-118mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-64bow house 2015-138candlelighters the square 2015-26flohr & co august 2015-96small change diaries 3rd 2015-60bow house 2015-24mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-124flutterbabies swimming 2015-116flohr & co 2nd 2015-14catherine & clare 1st shoot 2015-64fluidyoga 2015-48fluidyoga 2015-128flohr & co 2nd 2015-17fluidyoga 2015-173flutterbabies swimming 2015-192mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-252fluidyoga 2015-50michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-53mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-169fluidyoga 2015-86mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-270fluidyoga 2015-122flutterbabies swimming 2015-51michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-58flutterbabies swimming 2015-117flohr & co 2nd 2015-124mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-177mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-54michaela green shoots 2nd 2014-94mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-184michaela green shoots 2014-33mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-129mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-31small change diaries 1st 2015-17mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-213mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-254small change diaries 1st 2015-111mitchell & urwin 2nd 2015-285mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-33small change diaries 3rd 2015-91flutterbabies swimming 2015-120storrs hall march 2015-75pamela thorby 2014-48mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-103SDL construction 2015-96SDL construction 2015-50st denys hotel july 2015-186mitchell & urwin 4th 2015-99small change diaries 3rd 2015-137RED south african fruit 2015-60small change diaries 1st 2015-135storrs hall march 2015-83pamela thorby 2014-52storrs hall march 2015-22pamela thorby 2014-72SDL construction 2015-80st denys hotel july 2015-245small change diaries 1st 2015-46storrs hall march 2015-25pamela thorby 2014-125RED south african fruit 2015-51st denys hotel july 2015-246the medal box company 2015-13RED south african fruit 2015-58st denys hotel july 2015-262RED south african fruit 2015-70SDL construction 2015-47the medal box company 2015-80SDL construction 2015-71st denys hotel july 2015-134catherine & clare 1st shoot 2015-287mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-189