natural family portraits 2015

I have been very slow in posting this album of my favouirte portrait images from 2015, as it has been incredibly tough to choose just a couple of images, from each of the wonderful families I photographed last year.

I feel incredibly lucky that I was given the opportunity to meet and capture so many amazing people, of all ages and from many different generations.

Here are some of my personal favourite images from my natural family portrait commissions last year.samuel & lily jones 2015-7bonita grand designs 2015-36the morris family 2015-23charlotte and cora 2015-68charlie & tom parker 2015-52charlotte and cora 2015-13noah and xavier 2015-46minnie, anouk & monty fawcett 2015-20noah and xavier 2015-68the bullock family 2015-56eva and hugo 2015-64lucie & emily 2015-20bonita manchester 2015-61charlotte and cora 2015-77minnie, anouk & monty fawcett 2015-57audrey and bob fisher 2015-43lili & jasmine england 2015-28charlotte and cora 2015-73samuel & lily jones 2015-54harrison family 2015-48mel jones and family 2015-52bonita manchester 2015-23connie 2015-8charlie & tom parker 2015-50charlie & tom parker 2015-64samuel & lily jones 2015-6charlotte and cora 2015-23eva and hugo 2015-61the dalton family 2015-58lili & jasmine england 2015-7charlie & tom parker 2015-58the morris family 2015-90lucie & emily 2015-52charlotte and cora 2015-34harrison family 2015-13the bullock family 2015-10minnie, anouk & monty fawcett 2015-7connie 2015-17eva and hugo 2015-55the morris family 2015-75harrison family 2015-33Hillier Family 2015-29the bullock family 2015-91bonita grand designs 2015-48audrey and bob fisher 2015-23bonita manchester 2015-33the dalton family 2015-46the morris family 2015-26mel jones and family 2015-63minnie, anouk & monty fawcett 2015-24noah and xavier 2015-47the bullock family 2015-95the levine family celebration 2015-190sam and albert bryant 2015-5sam and albert bryant 2015-82mel jones and family 2015-59sam and albert bryant 2015-94sarah smelik & boys 2014-5the bullock family 2015-77mel jones and family 2015-54the morris family 2015-33minnie, anouk & monty fawcett 2015-81the dalton family 2015-35the parmar family 2015-71the dalton family 2015-62the levine family celebration 2015-169the levine family celebration 2015-192the morris family 2015-62lili & jasmine england 2015-54the parmar family 2015-22minnie, anouk & monty fawcett 2015-83