pelion, greece

Last autumn I spent a very relaxing week in one of the most beautiful areas of the Greek mainland.

Pelion is a peninsular with stunning mountains inland, the Aegean Sea on one side, and the Pagasitikos Gulf on the other. This makes for incredible scenery and a really diverse holiday.

You can be in a mountain square drinking a frappe in the morning, at a taverna eating fresh fish on the Aegean for lunch, and, with a cold Mythos in hand, be looking out across calm waters of the gulf in the evening…pelion 2015-57pelion 2015-124pelion 2016pelion 2015-80pelion 2015-238pelion 2015-23pelion 2015-88pelion 2015-48pelion 2015-51pelion 2015-171pelion 2015-10pelion 2015-8pelion 2015-26pelion 2015-31pelion 2015-122pelion 2015-162pelion 2015-67pelion 2015-71pelion 2015-91pelion 2015-92pelion 2015-94pelion 2015-100pelion 2015-110pelion 2015-191pelion 2015-104pelion 2015-140pelion 2015-154pelion 2015-157pelion 2015-190pelion 2015-200pelion 2015-235pelion 2020