bonita at lincoln christmas market

For Bonita’s third portrait of 2015 we visited Lincoln Christmas Market. And, as usual, a certain curly-haired girl stole the show and made my job a joy.

Her parents, Zoe and Jason, came to view the results of our photoshoot recently, and it was lovely to spend time with them as always.

I am really looking forward to capturing Bonita as she grows and develops even more in 2016, she is the apple of her mum and dad’s eye, and quite rightly so as she is gorgeous.bonita christmas 2015-55bonita christmas 2015-56bonita christmas 2015-44bonita christmas 2015-28bonita christmas 2015-70bonita christmas 2015-42bonita christmas 2015-27bonita christmas 2015-57bonita christmas 2015-52bonita christmas 2015-26bonita christmas 2015-33bonita christmas 2015-43bonita christmas 2015-8bonita christmas 2015-5bonita christmas 2015-66bonita christmas 2015-64bonita christmas 2015-13bonita christmas 2015-21bonita christmas 2015-37bonita christmas 2015-40bonita christmas 2015-51bonita christmas 2015-41bonita christmas 2015-50bonita christmas 2015-53bonita christmas 2015-54bonita christmas 2015-60bonita christmas 2015-65bonita christmas 2015-68bonita christmas 2015-71bonita christmas 2015-72bonita christmas 2015-78