haley & clifford

This Spring I was commissioned by Haley & Clifford to capture their stunning food for their new website. As this wonderful cafe and deli also provide delicious outside catering, my brief was to capture all areas of their business.  Here is a small selection of some of Haley & Clifford’s mouth-watering platters, deli and cafe food.  More images from this fantastic local food business will follow soon…hayley & clifford 1st 2016-203hayley & clifford 1st 2016-182haley&clifford 2nd 2016-92hayley & clifford 1st 2016-69hayley & clifford 1st 2016-249hayley & clifford 1st 2016-240haley&clifford 2nd 2016-19hayley & clifford 1st 2016-208haley&clifford 2nd 2016-90
haley&clifford 2nd 2016-20hayley & clifford 1st 2016-74haley&clifford 2nd 2016-93hayley & clifford 1st 2016-189hayley & clifford 1st 2016-70hayley & clifford 1st 2016-50
haley&clifford 2nd 2016-21hayley & clifford 1st 2016-283hayley & clifford 1st 2016-273