On my recent commission for Surfhire I had my first opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes to get a major event off the ground.

It takes a huge amount of organisation, planning, travel and a mountain of technical equipment to bring a major concert or event into being.

Surfhire are a York based company, who provide the communication and sound equipment needed to ensure that some of our favourite concerts go ahead without a hitch.

Here is a small selection of the equipment which is shipped safely all over the world by this fantastic company. surfhire products 2016-186surfhire products 2016-155surfhire products 2016-18surfhire products 2016-86surfhire products 2016-13surfhire products 2016-37surfhire products 2016-102surfhire products 2016-80surfhire products 2016-20surfhire products 2016-160surfhire products 2016-40surfhire products 2016-51surfhire products 2016-60surfhire products 2016-78surfhire products 2016-183surfhire products 2016-97surfhire products 2016-105surfhire products 2016-115surfhire products 2016-159surfhire products 2016-172surfhire products 2016-121surfhire products 2016-124surfhire products 2016-151surfhire products 2016-157surfhire products 2016-197surfhire products 2016-198surfhire products 2016-212